Movable Chain Shredders

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MOVABLE Chain shredders are 3 models: FR175/T, ALG200/T e ALG200/CITRUS.

They have the same characteristics as those corresponding to fixed weight plus the displacement function.

So there are all the main features of very low power absorption and the possibility of working in the presence of a lot of stone and fixed rock outcrop.

He chops every kind of grass and weeds (acacias, cistus, brambles, reeds, etc.) and also every kind of pruning (better if well dried).

They are the ideal solution for weed control in any type of environment.

Consumption and absorption are reduced compared to other types of shredders of over 50%.

Also these MOVABLE chain shredders are not subject to the flooding phenomenon present in all the other types of forage harvester when proceeding with an excessive speed of advancement.

The reason is very simple: the distance between the trenching organs is very large, so it allows a lot of “discharge”,  ie the discharge of the shredded material.

The working width almost equal to the encumbrance, having the transmission to the center of the machine and not sideways, allows to get very close to the obstacles. Also important is the baseness of these tools.

Another very appreciated feature is the possibility to work both in forward and reverse gear without any problem. The mulch that remains in the ground, after the work done by the chain shredder, is very crumbled and It deteriorates rapidly due to the action of bacteria and microorganisms present in the soil which is an excellent plant soil improver.

The same stone present is broken to a good extent by the action of the hardened steel chains (UNI 818/2) of the Chain shredders mod.SP.

They have a very large movement. The ALG200 / CITRUS version is 20 cms off-center to allow you to work within the shape of the forage tractor also with narrow tractors (140 cms).

The oil-bath geared transmission gives this machine a noiselessness that no other type of shredder possesses and reduced maintenance at the only control of the oil level.

The engine rpm at 1300-1400 rpm is more than enough for the forage harvester. This allows a 50% power absorption compared to all other types of shredders and also a consumption of over 50% less than the same.

In this way CO2 emissions (carbon dioxide) and consequently fuel consumption are greatly reduced compared to other chopping systems, a consequence of the addition of lower power consumption and lower use of our chain shredder.

The whole structure in FE510 attributes greater strength to the same weight.






ALG200 / T weight Kg. 610 tractors powers: from 70 to 130 side displacement cm.60

ALG200 / CITRUS weight Kg. 610 powers tractors: from 70 to 130 lateral displacement cm.40 + 20

FR175 / T weight Kg. 380 – tractor power: from 45 to 70 cm side displacement

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