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We have been building chain shredders since 1999.

Our current range of chain shredder is the largest in the world of equipment manufacturers.

We commit every day to further expand it order to offer each user exactly the right model for their chopping needs.

From the beginning, our goal has been to offer everyone the possibility to use the agronomic technique of the shredding in all operational contexts, even the most unfavourable.

So we made shredding possible even where it was impossible before or it was extremely expensive and dangerous.

In fact with our chain shredders there are no more limits of work due to the presence of a lot of stone, fixed rock or big differences in height.

But also the costs of management and use are reduced by over 50% as well as power consumption.

This is possible thanks to the low rpm required by our forage harvester in order to work. In fact, 1300-1400 revolutions per minute are more than enough to shred.

Our Pellerano’s chain shredders represent the solution to the needs of shredding grass, even very high, and spontaneous weed trees (acacias, reeds, cistus, wild figs, brooms, brambles of any kind, etc.) and also the same waste resulting from pruning in the presence of stone and fixed rocks.

The whole structure of the chain shredder is studied, in each model, to work in absolute ease in all these contexts.

Furthermore, all the Pellerano’s chain shredders work well regardless of the direction of rotation and travel. So they chop both forward and reverse. They are all reversible.

An other important feature is that they are not subjected to the phenomenon of flooding when they proceed with an excessive advancement speed compared to the mass of shredding material. The reason is very simple: the distance between the trenching organs is very large and therefore allows a lot of “dumping”, ie the discharge of the shredded material.

All our components are certified to guarantee all our customers the performance of our indestructible chain shredder.

All the Pellerano’s chain shredders have the characteristic of a working width equal to the encumbrance, having the transmission of the central motion. This feature is very important when the chopping takes place in fixed installations such as olive groves and orchards.

It is also important in case of lateral impacts that are absolutely not dangerous, compared to other equipment that can be seriously damaged because they’ve lateral transmission components.

The transmission of the movement of oil gears makes the shredders more silent and reducing maintenance practically at the sole control of the oil level.

All our welders are EN ISO 9606-1 certified.

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  • The best solution to shred in stony soils
  • Power consumption -50% compared to other forage harvesters
  • Maximum ease of use and maintenance
  • Ability of all models to work even in reverse
  • Tractor fuel consumption reduced by more than 50%
  • Ability to shred everything that passes under reeds, brambles of any size, cistus, acacias, weeds of any kind, stone, etc.