Tunnel Stretcher Mulching NS

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The Tunnel Stretcher Mulching machine mod. NS / DISCHI works using adjustable disks. This machine is still the plastic film with the earth thanks to 2 adjustable disks.

It has other 2 front furrow discs that allow you to have no problem from soil compaction carried out by the tractor in the previous passages on the same ground when the mulch was put.

This machine is fully adjustable and frictioned and was created to minimize soil compaction by allowing it to be used on all terrains.

Another feature of the Tunnel Stretcher – Mulching machine model NS / DISCHI is the extreme delicacy with which the plastic film or non-woven fabric (TNT) works thanks to 2 pairs of adjustable wheels. This allows you to work even the thinnest films (mm.0.020 thick) easily.

From the function of the curvature of the plastic film or TNT derives the correct tension and the duration of the film itself.

This is achieved by means of a “false-arc” with 2 adjustable wheels that gently fold the film preparing it for the large rear wheels.

Since the arches do not all have the same shape, the inclination of the false bow is adjustable, obtaining the ideal curvature shape for the bow used.

Also this model works without any addition of any optionals even mulching.

The Tunnel Stretcher – Mulching mod.NS / DISCHI can perform many other processes simultaneously with a wide range of options.

It can put a hose or irrigation pipe, pierce the mulch before transplanting, and distribute fertilizer and plant protection products. All in one step.


  • Automatic stretching tunnel clutched
  • Stretching tube clutched
  • Track right / left row
  • microperforator
  • Pre-transplant film bender
  • Microgranular electric localized for insecticide and / or crystalline fertilizers
  • Localized electric fertilizer spreader
  • Bauling kit (2 disks + 2 shares complete with adjustable attachments)
  • 2 Mulch barefoot blades + central disc
  • Adjustable depth wheel adjustment kit with worm screw handle
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Modello max film Larghezza max film utilizzabile Larghezza esterna telaio Peso Trattori compatibili
NSD195 140 cm 195 cm 380 Kg da 50 HP in su
NSD195.1 150 cm 195 cm 380 Kg da 50 HP in su
NSD210 180 cm 210 cm 420 Kg da 50 HP in su
NSD230 200 cm 230 cm 470 Kg da 50 HP in su
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