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With our horticulture equipment, we have looked for innovative solutions to speed up and simplify operators’ work and at the same time to offer different services of the same tool.

With new requirements for professional horticulture, the rationalization of the machine park is very important.

The techniques change quickly, so it’s really important to acquire them as soon as possible, especially in a highly competitive sector such as professional horticulture.

The great attention to cost management becomes important also in the production phase of plastic films both of mulching and of thermal protection (tunnel). determining factors. Also to smallest companies, speed and efficiency are becoming determining factors.

So it’s crucial for every model to fit different demands with a few simple operations.

Our rage is the most complete in the world, offering from simple mulchers to stenditunnel (unique to be mulching machines) up to the plant-arches.
All also work with ultra-thin films (mm.0.020) and are all equipped with friction to adjust the tension of the plastic film. They also have a wide range of optionals such as bauling kits, clothes rollers, clothes racks, etc.

All our mulching machines and the spreading-milling machines can also process non-woven fabric (TNT).

Then there is a huge range of optionals for every job requirement.

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  • The best solution on the market in the application of plastic mulch
  • Maximum multi-functionality thanks to a wide range of options
  • 2 machines in 1
  • Unique to work with any type of ultra-thin plastic film (mm.0.020) and non-woven fabric
  • The most complete range of stenditunnels on the market