The Pellerano company

Pellerano Francesco con la sua Pacciamatrice PAC

The Pellerano company designs and manufactures professional equipment for agriculture and horticulture since 1999.

Our goal has always been to research and develop innovative solutions that speed up and simplify work in the fields, also improving the working conditions of the operators and final users of our tools.

Our range includes chain shredders and horticulture equipment which are mulchers, stenditunnel and plant-bows.

In both these sectors, we have the most complete assortment in the world of equipment manufacturers thanks to our high specialization.

We have always understood that it was necessary to specialize in order to offer valid and new solutions to a constantly evolving agriculture.

We have invested so much in our range of chain shredders that are revolutionizing the world of chopping in the most varied situations.

Even in horticulture, we started from mulchers completing the range with our spreaders, the only ones on the world market to be mulchers and the plant-arch machine to mechanize also the installation of the arches.

This we have done and we continue to do every day with only one goal: the maximum satisfaction of our client.

Whether it is a dealer, importer, farmer or service company … our goal is to be completely satisfied.

Thanks to our vast store we are able to quickly deliver all the products we produce all over the world.

Shredding Hequipment

  • The best solution to shred in stony soils
  • Power consumption -50% compared to other forage harvesters
  • Maximum ease of use and maintenance
  • Ability of all models to work even in reverse
  • Tractor fuel consumption reduced by more than 50%
  • Ability to shred everything that passes under reeds, brambles of any size, cistus, acacias, weeds of any kind, stone, etc.

Professional Horticulture Equipment

  • The best solution on the market in the application of plastic mulch
  • Maximum multi-functionality thanks to a wide range of options
  • 2 machines in 1
  • Unique to work with any type of ultra-thin plastic film (mm.0.020) and non-woven fabric
  • The most complete range of stenditunnels on the market